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Escorted Tours to Luxembourg

Map of Luxembourg Visit 'Europe's most beautiful balcony'. Experience a thousand years of history in one hundred minutes and enjoy a glass of wine and a taste of Luxembourg. For something slightly more adventurous, offload your cares and worries as you spin your wheels in Luxembourg's scenic beauty for bikers, and later enjoy the country's fine cuisine.

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Luxembourg City Escorted Tours

Luxembourg is divided in five parts. They are different and characterised by the hills of Ardennes, the rocks of Mullerthal, the Moselle Valley and the zone of the red rocks. The city has a population of about 76,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
It has an altitude of 408 meters above the sea level. The singular characteristic is its multi-lingualism. In fact, people speak Luxembourgish, French and German. Its tranquillity opposes to the frenetic political activities: in fact people is peaceful and gentle. The enormous traffic noise of big cities is not comparable to the calmness of Luxembourg.

Clervaux Escorted Tours

Clervaux is a town in the northernmost district of Luxembourg. This old town of approximately 1,800 inhabitants lies within the Ardennes, a forest-covered area spreading over Belgium, Luxembourg and even some parts of France. Clervaux is located in a narrow valley at the banks of the River Clerve. The surrounding hills are covered with thick forests and the region enjoys a moderate climate. Find coach trips to Clervaux and the Ardennes region by using the search form on the left.