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Escorted Tours to Italy
Italian Flag

Map of ItalyColourful, magic, friendly - there are so many words to describe this wonderful country that, quite simply, has something for everyone. Where mountains rise over sparkling blue lakes, where vineyards cling to fertile hills and medieval buildings cast shadows down sunlit cobbled streets. Where you can laze away the day on a sun drenched beach or explore at leisure in some of the most exciting cities in the world. This is Italy, dramatic, beautiful and vibrant, with tradition and culture. Take your pick from a delectable selection of holidays, the perfect way to discover the exquisite landmarks and unique atmosphere of this enchanting country.

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Milan Escorted Tours


Not far off the Swiss border lies Milan, one of Italian's most important economical centres. During the Romantic period the city was a major cultural centre in Europe attracting composers such as Giuseppe Verdi and artists alike. As a cosmopolitan city the city has emerged as the world's Capital of fashion and design. It combines cultural heritage and legacy with a vibrant nightlife.

Naples Escorted Tours


On Italy's west coast lies the beautiful town of Naples. Founded in 900 BC the cosy town offers Italian atmosphere extraordinaire. Although heavily bombed during the war the city's imposing attractions have been renovated completely. Naples is home to many important galleries and museums, displaying important pieces of Roman and European culture. Its historic Old Town is an approved World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Venice Escorted Tours


The Floating City of Venice is located in the Po Delta in the Northern-Italian region of Veneto. The romantic lagoon invites its visitors to stroll about the small pavements along the bustling canals. As the birthplace of composer Antonio Vivaldi Venice, of course, has played an important role in both symphonic and operatic music. Moreover, during the middle ages Venice has been an important maritime power and an important centre of trade and commerce. Nowadays, it has emerged as a trendsetting city and is home to numerous high-end boutiques, as well as romantic cafes and imposing architectonic attractions.

Turin Escorted Tours

Surrounded by the Alps on the Po's river bank lies Turin, the cultural and business centre of Northern Italy. The city is known for its rich piazzas, well-decorated churches, delicious restaurants and most comprehensive galleries. Along with its baroque, rococo and neo-classical architecture, Turin is a flourishing, cosmopolitan city. Furthermore the city hosts some of the most acknowledged Universities and most prestigious museums. Its industry gave Turin the nickname 'Detroit of Italy'.

Sicily Escorted Tours

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Once considered a crucial trade point in ancient times it is today one of the most beautiful islands, with marvellous, densely mountainous landscapes, including the fascinating Mount Edna, and unique, imposing architectonic designs. Owing to this, Sicily is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Site.